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Bottled Water Delivery Service to Your Office

It Just Makes Sense

by FIJI Water on May 10, 2017

In the office, keeping employees healthy and content is always a priority. After stocking the break room with the nutrient-rich snacks, make sure you also have bottled water on hand. Fortunately, this can be a set-it-and-forget-it process. Sign up for a monthly bottled water delivery service to save time and keep thirst quenched.

5 Ways Bottled Water Delivery Service Improves Your Day

  1. No longer does stocking up on bottled water require you to go to the store, buy cases of water, and lug them up to your office.

  2. Bottled water is convenient to grab-and-go when heading to a meeting or sneaking out for a lunch-break workout.

  3. Recurring water delivery removes a task from your weekly to-do list. It’s automatic, and some companies even offer free delivery!

  4. No need to find a space to store large and bulky water jugs - bottled water fits easily into your office fridge or on shelves.

  5. You can spend your time on more important things, like running a business!

FIJI Water in Your Office

With all the types of bottled water out there, how do you decide which one to get delivered to your office? Consider ordering FIJI Water for delivery – the water is naturally filtered through volcanic rock and collected in an underground aquifer on the remote island of Fiji.

Apart from the unmatched taste and unique mineral profile, FIJI Water is a luxurious addition to your office. The iconic square bottle is a symbol of unparalleled quality that demonstrates to employees and guests alike that you only offer the best.

three 500mL bottles of FIJI Water on display

Find Your Perfect Water Bottle Size

330mL: Keep this size on hand to give to guests who are visiting the office for a short period, perhaps for a tour or to attend a meeting.

500mL: This bottle is perfect for daily staff consumption and when hosting a luncheon. Nothing pairs better with a healthy catered meal than FIJI Water.

700mL: Do some of your employees travel during the day? This larger size fits in cup holders and ensures they have water at their fingertips at all times.

1L and 1.5L: These larger bottles look professional and sleek in a board room. Add an extra touch of luxury by storing the 1L size in a sleek silver FIJI Water sleeve.

Are you ready to set up automatic water delivery service? Browse the FIJI Water online store to discover the best option for you. Pricing, delivery options and bottle sizes stated clearly on the FIJI Water website. You'll never encounter membership fees, zip code searches, or forms to fill out just to get a price quote. Make Earth's Finest your daily sidekick with FIJI Water delivery.