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Hosting a NYE Party? Don't Forget These Essentials

by FIJI Water on December 16, 2016

Whether you're working with an event planner or planning your own New Year’s Eve bash, you need a unique idea to make your NYE 2017 party one to remember. This year, why not give your guests the red-carpet treatment with a NYE-themed swag bag?

Cocktail Hour

First things first: place a bulk order of FIJI Water well in advance of your event. While designing a signature cocktail and serving plenty of champagne are NYE party essentials, so is giving your guests a chance to hydrate throughout the night.

Once everyone has had the chance to settle in, start the night off with an easy icebreaker. One of our favorite swag bag additions is customized scratch-off cards. Design the scratch-offs to reveal winners, play a match game with celebrity faces, or create a mystery code that guests can only figure out by working as a team.

The Stroke of Midnight

When the clock strikes twelve, it’s time to celebrate! Give your guests everything they need to ring in the new year. Some of our favorite items include maracas, confetti poppers, bubbles, and sparklers.

Closing Time

Any successful party guarantees one thing: people in need of a safe ride home. Make arrangements with a luxury car service in your area to provide transportation home for your guests, and announce this option at the beginning of the night.

To remind guests to use the car service, drop the driver’s business card in the swag bag. Attach the card to a small bottle of FIJI Water to serve as an even stronger reminder that your guests’ safety is a top priority.

The Ride Home

The ride home is prime time for munchies. Spare your guests from the guilt they’ll feel the next day upon realizing they swung by the drive-thru. Include some tasty, satisfying, not-so-bad-for-you treats such as premium whole roasted nuts, exotic dried fruits and gourmet chocolate. Or get a little creative, and include fortune cookies customized with predictions for 2017!

The Morning After

Pain reliever, bottles of refreshing water, and mix-in vitamin packets will help your guests stay hydrated after a long night. Include a few bottles of your favorite recovery beverage or even a gift card to a local juice bar to help your guests bounce back even quicker.

Guest Contributions

Your business-savvy guests might even be interested in contributing to your swag bag. Friends and colleagues in the beauty, fitness and lifestyle industries may have samples of products they are launching in the new year. What better way to mix business with pleasure?