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Easy, Healthy Snacks & Beverages to Boost Work Productivity

by FIJI Water on March 24, 2017

It has happened to the best of us. You get to the office, ready for the day and ready to get stuff done. However, as you go from meeting to meeting, and the day wears on, your energy and motivation begin to peter out. You’re thirsty, you’re hungry (maybe even hangry), you’ve lost focus, this meeting is going nowhere…and it is only 10am!

It’s time your office got a secret weapon. The key to keeping productive: office snacks and beverages. You read that right. The research has been done. The lessons already learned for you. Office snacks and beverages are the keys to taking you (and your office) to the next level. #motivation

And the best part? We live in an era filled with healthy snack and beverage delivery services that make it simple to for you and your co-workers to stay fueled with just a few clicks. Some of our favorites:

Fresh Fruit Delivery to Your Desk

Arrange for a weekly fruit delivery to your desk to encourage you to snack on healthy produce throughout the work day. Mix up the variety based on the season. For example, during winter months, you could stock up on vitamin C-rich fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, and strawberries.

bowl of fresh fruit sitting on a desk

Coffee Club in the Office

From the person for whom "regular" coffee just won't do to the co-worker who is incapable of doing anything until cup #3, to the innocent bystander trying their best to work with these coffee lovers - everyone suffers in an office without a decent coffee maker.

Do yourself and those around you a favor and start a coffee club. Bring in a high-quality drip machine and offer a fresh pot first thing in the morning, and right after lunch. Ask coffee club members to make donations to cover the cost of the beans, either in cash – or with a pound of beans from a local coffee roaster.

On-the-Go Snacks to Boost Productivity

Look for easy-to-eat, healthy snacks on-the-go. The Wonderful Company offers pistachio and almond packs that are perfect for everyday snacking. Or for a little variety, buy bags of fruit and nuts in bulk to mix and match your own trail mix!

Cold Bottled Water throughout the Office

The busier your day gets, the easier it can be to forget to stay hydrated. To serve as a reminder, keep FIJI Water in key locations such as conference rooms or waiting areas throughout the office. As a bonus, your clients will love the premium look of the sleek new straight-wall FIJI Water bottles.

Granola and Energy Bars for Energy

Purchase boxes of high-protein energy and granola bars in bulk and stash them in your desk drawer. Opt for bars that contain a variety of natural ingredients like oats, seeds and coconut.

By stocking up on healthy snack and beverage options, you'll help yourself make smart decisions while staying hydrated and fueled. Not to mention, your coworkers will never have to see your hangry side ever again!