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Winter Workout Motivation: How to Break Out of Your Winter Slump

by FIJI Water on December 21, 2016

It's cold, the evening darkness comes way too soon, and the last thing you feel like doing is heading to the gym. We totally understand the winter workout slump. Thankfully, you can stick to your fitness goals simply by tweaking your warm weather routine.

Winter Workout Motivation Tip #1 - Set up a Home Gym

The convenience of having your favorite machines just down the hall is priceless. Treat yourself to a home fitness center with new or upgraded machines, and furnish it with a refrigerator stocked with FIJI Water. Why not invite a health-conscious neighbor over to exercise and help motivate you to keep your daily workout session on the calendar? Plus, there’s no better place to binge watch your favorite shows than on the treadmill!

Winter Workout Motivation Tip #2 - Do a Class via TV

The excitement of something new not only keeps your interest but also challenges new muscle groups to flex in unexpected ways. But if getting to class isn’t an option, streaming a class is! These days you can stream yoga classes, Zumba or even a cardio-sculpt class. And if you’re working out solo, why not try something silly, like a 1980s aerobics-based dance video? Work out like no one’s watching!

Winter Workout Motivation Tip #3 - Try a Morning Class

If you crave the guidance of a group fitness class or need access to an indoor heated swimming pool, dust off that gym membership. Trade evening workouts for morning classes when it's light outside. Grab a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe and start your day with a little adrenaline-inducing Pilates or a spin class. Getting up for a 6am class might feel like torture at the time, but we promise you won't regret it at 7am when your workout is over, and you've got the whole day ahead of you!

Winter Workout Motivation Tip #4 - Splurge on New Gear

When you are making a pledge to commit to a winter workout routine, make it official by investing in new gear or clothing. Do some research and find something that will make you excited to hit the running path, gym, or fitness studio. Whether it's a new pair of earbuds, a smartwatch, or a new pair of athletic shoes, treat yourself in advance for all the hard work you are soon to accomplish.

Winter Workout Motivation Tip #5 - Create Accountability

If you have become an expert at making excuses not to workout, it’s time to create accountability for yourself. Different people respond to different types of motivators, and we have found that the following work well for us:

  • Register for a class that charges a fee for no-shows
  • Work out with a friend who is more motivated than you
  • Start a running club in your neighborhood – if you’re the organizer, you have to show up!

  • Bonus: As the running club organizer, you can keep others accountable by literally running past the homes of members who don’t show up!

Winter Workout Motivation Tip #6 - Set a Winter Goal

Finally, to keep yourself on track for the next few months, set a health goal. Whether it's a goal weight, faster miles, or improved heart rate, you've got this. Make the goal realistic for the time frame and reward yourself for reaching milestones along the way.

As the winter winds howl, vow to revise your workout routine. Whether you create a custom exercise room in your home or try a new morning class at the gym, keep moving! In the meantime, stock up on individual bottles of FIJI Water. We offer bulk ordering and a repeat monthly delivery schedule, so you'll always be ready to stay hydrated on-the-go or at home!