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How to Create the Ultimate Labor Day Party

by FIJI Water on August 31, 2017

A good old fashioned Labor Day party is one of the things we look forward to most each year. Falling on September 4th this year, make your three-day weekend one to remember by hosting a party and enjoying the last days of summer. To help you out, we’ve got all the tips you need to create the ultimate Labor Day party!

Think About the Flow

One of the biggest blunders you can make when it comes to hosting a Labor Day party happens before your guests ever walk through the door. Not thinking about the flow of your space when planning out how or where you’ll serve the food and beverages can cause major party traffic jams and leave people confused on where to go. Which ultimately leads to more work for you.

Renowned interior designer and frequent HGTV contributor Brian Patrick Flynn notes, “it's best to offer guests something light and easy to hold as they enter, and then set up something more elaborate towards the back of the space they can graduate to.” Brian recommends having a focal point that’s visible from the entry and directs guests through the open area and then to a serving station with the remainder of the food and drinks. Designing the flow of the party this way, he says, “takes a ton of stress off the host and allows guests to mingle freely.”

For your party, you can get decoration inspiration from Brian’s tips on hosting Farmhouse style parties where you can create casual seating with hay bales instead of chairs. If you really want to step it up a notch, you can have fun with creative lighting, such as using old tubs upcycled into pendant lights. Don’t worry, you can find all the instructions on how to do it here!

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Serve a Signature Drink

In addition to making sure you have plenty of water on hand by ordering FIJI Water direct to your door ahead of time, it’s also a good idea to focus on one or two signature cocktails for your Labor Day party that add in an extra burst of red, white and/or blue. We love this colorful, adult take on snow cones from Clinton Kelly, as well as this Firecracker Punch that can be made in large batches with or without alcohol from Toni at Boulder Locavore.

Designate an Area for Photos

You know people are going to be snapping pics for social media throughout the party, so it’s a good idea to create an area specifically for photos where you know your guests will look their best. We spoke with acclaimed Los Angeles lifestyle photographer and owner of Tiffany J Photography, Tiffany Gentry, to get her tips on how to create the ultimate Labor Day photo moment for your guests. First, lighting. Tiffany recommends trying to designate an area where everyone in the shot will be in even light. This will help to eliminate random shadows on faces or one person being overexposed (too light) while another is underexposed (too dark).

Next up on Tiffany’s list, background. This can be anything from what you have already (a colorful bougainvillea or an eye-catching exposed brick wall) to something you create yourself, such as hanging an American flag and providing photo booth props. The most important thing to remember, Tiffany says, is to “have your friends position themselves at least three feet in front of the background. By keeping space between them and the background, the image will have a sense of depth and dimension, rather than appearing flat and basic.”

We can’t wait to see all the fabulous pictures from your party. Be sure to tag @fijiwater so we can follow along. Happy Labor Day!