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Whether you need one case of FIJI Water to get you through the week or a dozen cases for an upcoming event, our one-time orders are paid in full and ship out all at once. If you find yourself ordering frequently, take advantage of 20-30% savings with our month-to-month or subscription plans.

If you’re planning on ordering more than 10 cases, make sure to check out our Bulk Order Price Discounts


Our most popular delivery plan, this pay-as-you-go option offers up to a 20% discount on our one-time order rate and ships monthly. You also have the flexibility to increase or decrease case quantities as needed, pause and resume service and cancel at any time with this plan - a great option for businesses and households.

  • 330mL $47.50 $39.95 per case save 16%
  • 500mL $37.00 $29.95 per case save 20%
  • 1.0L $37.00 $29.95 per case save 20%
  • 1.5L $50.00 $39.95 per case save 20%


Pre-pay for 3 months of FIJI Water Delivery and save up to 24%. A great way to try out our convenient service with increased savings and low commitment. This plan also makes the perfect gift that keeps giving.

  • 330mL $47.50 $38.00 per case save 20%
  • 500mL $37.00 $29.00 per case save 23%
  • 1.0L $37.00 $29.00 per case save 23%
  • 1.5L $50.00 $38.00 per case save 24%


Enjoy up to 27% savings when you pre-pay for a 6-month subscription to FIJI Water Delivery. Great for your seasonal water needs during those warm spring and summer months.

  • 330mL $47.50 $36.50 per case save 23%
  • 500mL $37.00 $27.50 per case save 26%
  • 1.0L $37.00 $27.50 per case save 26%
  • 1.5L $50.00 $36.50 per case save 27%


Our best value! Take advantage of up to 30% savings and never be without FIJI Water. Sign-up for a pre-paid 12 Month subscription plan and have FIJI Water delivered to your door every month or at your preferred frequency.

  • 330mL $47.50 $35.00 per case save 26%
  • 500mL $37.00 $26.00 per case save 30%
  • 1.0L $37.00 $26.00 per case save 30%
  • 1.5L $50.00 $35.00 per case save 30%